The Talk (An afternoon with good and evil) by S.T.A.

An Afternoon Talk With Good And Evil

Two men are sitting on a park bench. One is dressed in a tailored blue navy suit, slicked back hair, well groomed and tall. The other, just as tall, but he’s wearing brown shorts, a white T-shirt with a unicorn on it, and fluffy slippers. The unicorn guy lights up a joint.

-What the f….what are you doing?

-Calm down…want a hit? Breathing in the smoke.

-You are unbelievable…

-Come on…you were young.

-No, I wasn’t…

-Well..I am…

-You are four fucking billion years old…you are a lot of things, but young isn’t one of them.

-I thought we had no beginning…or end… F …, this shit is the bong.

-God doesn’t have….every time, every time you do this.

-Do what? The unicorn guy is surprised.

-You attract attention, you overreach…every time.

-How do I attract attention?

-You are smoking a fucking joint in the middle of the park.

-Nobody can see us…

-HE can see us…

-Well…that’s HIS job, isn’t it? To see us…and, you know…I have a pass.

-How do you have a pass? Explain to me how do you have a pass…

-Look at the ass on that…

The guy in the tailored suit sees a gorgeous woman walking her dog.

-You are really…women, you know you can’t do anything with them.

-I was kinda’ talking about the dog…

-Does your depravity have no boundaries?

-That’s redundant…remember…I’m evil…thus the unicorn.

-Yeah…real God damn Ironic, using a pure being to mask your…

-Hey, He can hear you!

-Shut up! Years later…you are exactly the same.

-I am evil.

-You are fucking moronic!

Evil lights up another joint.

-Where the hell did you…doesn’t matter?

Good looks around the park. He looks at his watch.

-He’s late…

-Well, we’re not TIME. We can’t control the little bastard.

-Does everything has to be a joke with you?

-Do you need to be stuck up all the time? And what the fuck is up with that suit?

-It’s Hugo Boss.

-You look like a Bible salesman!

-You look like….

Evil smiles. Good tries to respond.

-Like what, like what?!

-Llllll…..ike a guy with a unicorn shirt.

-Exactly…I blend in, people like me…they see me and they say: Hey, look at him, he’s got mojo.

-Mojo? Are you in an Austin Powers movie?

-You just hatin’ on my swag.

-My God.

-Our God.

-Shut up!

Good looks at his watch again. He sighs.

-Impatient as always, Evil says with a grin on his face. Look, he’s here.

A 20-year-old boy comes in the park. A hood is covering his face, his hands are in his pockets. He’s holding something.

-Come on…let’s bet. Evil says with a satisfaction in his voice.

-No…not that game again.

-Come on….it will be like when the Romans killed Jesus. You won then, remember…

Good hesitates.

-Come on…it will be sportsmanlike…or something.

-Ok, will you shut up?

-No, but it’s nice to see after all these years you still have some spunk left in you.

Good rolls his eyes.

-He’s not going to do it.

-Why are you so sure?

-I have faith. I know people are born good, they don’t do horrible things just for the sport of it.

-Well…in some cases you could be right. But see, old friend, you push somebody to the edge, you push them, harder, and harder. You put enough pressure on them, you nurture fear in them. You break their spirit, break their soul….you take all hope from them. They eventually break. It’ biology bro…you break. You and I … we don’t break, we are…I don’t know…entities? Gods among men? Ethics? Who knows. We can’t break…we have unilateral thinking. You are white, I am black…that’s it, that’s what we think, what we know. But they…they have gray. And gray…

Evil points at the boy. He gets a gun out of his pocket.

-Gray is a very fucking dangerous color. Is he going to do it? Maybe not…but…remember….BIOLOGY! So…50 years in Cabo?

Image Credit: Ideapod

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