Michaela Coman

„Eu nu contest idealurile, îmi pun mănuşi atunci când mă apropii de ele...”

Innocence and Reality were talking.

– Everybody is fighting a battle you know nothing about, right?
– Of course. That little one that’s for ourselves only.
– It would be so good to keep that in mind and be always kind. Nowadays, it is so easy to have prejudices and get drawn by first impressions.
– Yes, exactly, because it is easier this way.
– … and to refuse to fight a little bit to firstly get to know the person.
– Yes. It’s hard to get to know a human being altogether, especially when that person makes himself hard to understand. You have to cut loose some inhibitions and allow other to meet the real you. It’s hard when you always put up some barriers.
– Exactly. Why are we lazy and why do we like the safe way?
– Because time is short, everything is up for grabs. We limit ourselves with what’s first better .. and then, in time, we get into the hard ones.
– But, aren’t people one of the most precious things we have in life?
– Of course, especially that’s why we choose the easy way out. We, as people, need good people on our horizon, the good avantgard. Could you imagine the amount of work we would put from the beginning to meet every person starting with his/her bad side? Is just this selfishness everybody has, that small amount that allows you to pursuit happiness. And it isn’t available for everyone to have. Firstly, yours. What’s left, it is called leftovers for life to have. Unfortunately.

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