You Left The Most Eager Bruises

You Left The Most Eager Bruises

You left the most eager bruises!

Hidden, only for me to see them
just in the right spots,
just above the knees,
and right in between addictive thorns.

I’m looking at them when I’m lonely
because the tattoos were there.
Without guilt, you marked your body
on my body
I cherished every stain fading away.

The skin grafts another layer
taking away forgetful bites.

And if they were just ‘a mark for eternity’
that lasted one night,
it’s fine.
Because memory doesn’t work like that.
And I got them printed
For even longer.

Even when the bruises pass
I know where they were.
And I know where they were hurting.
Because the pain isn’t forgetful,
it doesn’t fade like a ruined lipstick.

And you did that also.
You kissed too much
and you said is not like you to do that.
But you did it anyway,
You transformed for one night,
in something I wanted you to be
and in something you knew could be.

A lonely and patient wolf,
playing with your prey

Inspiration & Image Credits from an incredible artist: Proud Bruises, Peacock Plumage (2018) – Emma Tann

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